Empowering Leaders in AI

AI Strategy Workshop (1 day)

In this workshop, you will work together as a company to define a holistic AI strategy for the company. You will draft an initial AI Manifesto to articulate the goals of AI within your organization. You will also examine top use cases in your industry and prepare a plan for transforming those applications with AI. Finally you will create a list of internal processes that are candidates for AI integration and select one to move forward with as a proof of concept.

Voice Strategy and Design Workshop (1 Day)

In this workshop, we will examine key use cases for the use of a conversational voice interface. We will begin by analyzing how conversational AI can be used to reduce friction for customers and employees. We will then select a specific use case and walk through the process of deigning the experience, building a proof of concept Alexa skill and Google action, using a low-code environment, and share what it will take to deliver the experience into a production environment.

Fostering an AI-Ready Culture (1 day)

In this workshop, we take a close look at what other companies have done to ensure successful implementations of AI. Much of that success stems from the culture created to build and support these solutions. We will examine what it takes to be a data-driven organization, how to ensure diversity of thought and an inclusive approach to AI development, and how to establish responsible AI practices within the company.

Responsible AI Practices Workshop (1 Day Agenda)

In this workshop, we will develop the framework for establishing responsible AI practices with the organization, understanding the implications of AI in the business, and draft governance practices to help your company create an open dialog with all stakeholders.

Technology Innovation Day (1 Day)

This is an all day event with a collection of sessions around different AI topics catered specifically to your business and industry. The intention is to help level set AI understanding widely across the organization, and get every role contributing to the discovery of use cases. This also includes a demo hall for live, hands-on displays of AI in Action.

Company Hackathon (2-days)

Once the company is educated on what AI is, what is means to the business, and how to build responsibly, it is time to give your employees a chance to play and innovate for the company. In this 2-day event, teams are formed and domain experts are combined with engineering experts to create proof of concepts to be presenting to a few executive champions. Many times projects from these events, become product of thier own.